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RTS Files

Family Approved - 346,437 bytes.
Creator: Matthew Monte
Collection from Army of Darkness. - 413,872 bytes.
Creator: Troy McLucas
Samples from all the Batman movies. - 103,004 bytes.
Creator: Chris Knowles
Clips from who else.... Bugs Bunny!! - 169,561 bytes.
Creator: Chris Knowles
Again, more Loony Toon sounds, this time Daffy Duck. - 148,103 bytes.
Creator: Micheal G.
Sounds from Duke Nukem 3D to fake out your opponent. Elevator, doors, vents, etc. Perfect volume too... a must for any Duke Matcher! - 185,250 bytes.
Creator: Micheal G.
Many various sounds. - 293,278 bytes.
Creator: Richard T. Jordan
Good clips from Mystery Science Theater 3000 - 146,948 bytes.
Creator: Chris Knowles
Porky P-p-ppp-pig... ag-g-g-gain more Loony T-t-toons! - 88,946 bytes.
Creator: Louis Poulin
Sounds from the Simpsons. - 242,645 bytes.
Creator: Mickael Nylander
If you liked the movie as much as I did, you will love these. - 164,617 bytes.
Creator: Greg Drumheller
If you like Warcraft 2, you will like these... hey... even if you don't like Warcraft 2 you'll like these!

Coarse Language - 278,063 bytes.
Creator: Spewster
Various sounds - 234,973 bytes.
Creator: Hobbsy
What else, quotes from Evildead! - 655,800 bytes.
Creator: Chris Fleming
Pulp Fiction quotes and clips. - 308,076 bytes.
Creator: Louis Poulin
Various sounds - 1,220,448 bytes.
Creator: Alan
Sounds from the band Mr. Floppy. - 200,397 bytes.
Creator: Ronert Burnham
Toy Story, Ace Ventura, Pulp Fiction, etc. - 163,422 bytes.
Creator: Brendon Collier
Various sounds, includes Beavis and Butthead and Duke Nukem.

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