Cheat Codes
Duke 3D Cheat Codes

Code(s) Effect
dncornholio or dnkroz God mode: keeps your health at 100 regardless of damage or powerups. Also, you recieve an unlimited use jetpack!
dnstuff You get all the weapons, powerups, and keys, plus the message "Give everything!"
dnitems You get all the powerups and keys, plus the message "Give everything!", but no weapons.
dnscotty## Level Warp: the first # represents the episode, the second # represents the level.
dnview Changes your perspective to a view of Duke from behind and gives you the message "N/A".
dncashman Duke tosses money around every time you hit the spacebar.
dncosmo Gives you the message "Register Cosmo Today!"
dnallen Gives you the message "Buy Major Sryker"
dnbeta Gives you the message "Pirates suck!"
dnhyper Gives you a dose of the Steroids power-up
dnrate Will display the frame rate in the upper right corner.
dnskill# Changes the skill level of the game.
dnclip Turns cliping mode ON/OFF (Version 1.1 ONLY)
dnmonsters Removes the presence of monsters (Version 1.1 ONLY)

Duke 3D Secrets

Episode 1: Level 1

Secret Areas (8 found out of 8 total)

  1. After dropping down the vent to the street, jump onto the crate to your right, then to the building ledge, and finally to the ledge in front of the billboard. An RPG will rise up from the ground to greet you.
  2. Jump on to the crate and then the building ledge again, then thru one of the windows. Technically, the area in front of the RPG ammo counts as the Secret.
  3. While in secret place #2, walk up to the large poster at the end of the hall and open it to reveal a stash of steroids.
  4. Behind the theatre snack counter, use the cash register to reveal a secret alcove near the ceiling on the wall to your right. Walk up to the wall beneath the alcove and slide a little to your right. Click on the wall and a small platform will boost you up.
  5. In the projector room, there is a secret door on the wall next to the fire extinguisher. This secret is also reachable from the bathroom by shooting a hole in the air vent over the stalls. You'll find some aliens, some shotgun ammo, and a cacooned woman.
  6. Also in the projector room, jump on top of the projector to open a door concealing a secret area with a alien and an RPG.
  7. After opening the curtain in the projector room, use an RPG or pipebomb on the center of the movie screen to find some aliens, some more shotgun ammo, and a jetpack.
  8. There's a secret area in the building behind the palm tree next to the theatre's front entrance. Near the end of the level, you'll have to cross a small bridge, overlooking the back entrance to the movie theatre. Before crossing, drop down to the ledge underneath the doorway leading to the bridge. Walk around the ledge to the front of the building, all the way to the palm tree. Jump on top of the tree and then through the window of the building. Inside you'll find a shotgun, an RPG, a chaingun, and some pipebombs.

Bonus Areas

  1. After finding Secret #3, go out one of the windows next to the poster and land on the ledge. On the far end of the ledge is a healing atom. This can also be reached from outside, by first jumping on the edge of the burning dumpster, then to the top of the no parking sign, and finally to the ledge.
  2. Jump on the garbage can outside the arcade entrance and then hit the spacebar to open the hidden alcove above you. Jump in to the alcove to get some night vision goggles, some pipebombs, and a small healing kit.
  3. Inside the arcade, use the Duke Nukem II video game to hear a great one-liner and reveal a holoduke hidden in the wall.
  4. You'll need a jetpack to reach this bonus area. Starting in front of the movie theatre's back doors, fly straight up. Eventually, you'll reach a small alcove, guarded by two gun turrets. Destroy the two turrets, so you can reach the jetpack and two boxes of shotgun ammo safely.
  5. Use a pipebomb or RPG in the air shaft in the bathroom, where it makes a 90 degree turn. You'll find a small niche containing a Holoduke.

Episode 1: Level 2

Secret Areas (8 found out of 8 total)

  1. In the main part of the bookstore, the middle bookcase along the wall conceals some pipebombs and armor.
  2. Jump on top of the bookcases behind the bookstore counter. In the corner opposite the security monitor, a secret door conceals a holoduke.
  3. In the darkened corridor leading from the bookstore to the elevator, there's a small side passage. Inside you'll find an alien, a pigcop, and a healing atom.
  4. This sewer area is accessible two different ways: a) After reaching the yellow key in the reckage of the demolished building, use an RPG or pipebomb to blow off the nearby sewer lid. b) In the dance club bathroom, use the toilet (not a urinal). This will unlock a secret door behind it, which leads to the sewer area. Inside you'll find an octobrain, some pigcops, a cocooned woman, and many items.
  5. As you enter dance floor through the garage door, there's a bench in the corner to your left. When you step on the bench, a secret door behind the two dancing girls on the opposite wall opens. You'll need to run to make it in time; you can repeat the sequence as many times as necessary to reach it. Inside is a chaingun and some ammo.
  6. Blow open the air vent in the corner of the dance floor. Use the table to jump into the vent. It leads to backstage; along the way, you'll find a healing atom.
  7. This ledge next to dance floor curtain controls holds a pair of night vision goggles. Jump to it from the ledge leading to the dance clubs's attic from the stage.
  8. In the dance club's attic, there's a lit section of the wall next to the two crates. Open it to reveal a medkit.

Bonus Areas

  1. In the bookstore's bathroom, use the hand drying machine to open a nitch in the wall between the the hand dryer and the toilet stall. Inside you'll find a pair of night vision goggles.

Episode 1: Level 3

Secret Areas (10 found out of 10 total)

  1. After lowering the electric chair with the switch in the control room, crawl into the area behind the chair to find a shotgun and some ammo.
  2. In the church, stand along the back wall, and face the altar. You should see a switch above the altar; shoot it and a platform will raise you into the rafters. You'll find some armor and a dead priest hanging from the ceiling. Shoot the priest for a healing atom.
  3. Shoot out both stain glass windows. Use the altar itself to open a door to a passage behind the altar. Back there, you'll find an octobrain, a chaingun, and a "DOOMed space marine"! =)
  4. In the jail cell with the toilet, use the bench to open a crawlspace. You'll find some RPG ammo inside.
  5. In the turret area, there are small ledges on either side of the locked door. Hop on one the ledges, and then on to turret's level. You should see another ledge on the side of the wall above the locked door. Hop on this ledge and walk through the to find some healing atoms.
  6. In the turret area, above where you pick up the red key, there's a weak spot in the wall. You'll need to hop to the turret's level, as mentioned in secret #5, to be able to jump in. Shoot the weak spot to reveal some steroids and another weak spot. Shoot it to open to reveal a back way into cell block 1.
  7. After opening the map outside the room withe the hologram head, a niche with some pipebombs will open up and to your left.
  8. Another niche opens above an to the right of the map, containing a healing atom(?)
  9. Inside the sub, there's a hidden door on the wall behind the crate. Inside you'll find the ship's reactor and a Medkit.
  10. By the door leading between the sub and the turret area, you'll find a switch on a ledge to unlock the door. Hop up on the ledge, crawl, and hit the spacebar to open a small niche containing night vision goggles.

Episode 1: Level 4

Secret Areas (14 found out of 14 total)

  1. If you walk thru the fire burning on top of the sub, it opens a secret niche inside the sub, near the top.
  2. Underwater near the sub, there's a cave with two octobrains. You'll see some light coming thru an opening in the cave wall. Blow open the cave wall, and follow the tunnel up to some pipebombs and more octobrains. Swim upwards and climb out of the water into a small cave with some barrels and a cacooned women. This area is the actual secret. Blow away the wall behind the barrels to get out.
  3. From the ledge where you get the blue key, destroy gun turret to your right. Then run and jump into the small cave where the turret was. A wall on the left will open to reveal RPG ammo.
  4. After coming thru the blue key door from outside, a wall on the right, near the bend in the hallway, can be opened. Inside you'll find an elevator leading to the room full of aliens you could see from outside. You'll also find a chaingun.
  5. In the processing area, the conveyor will take you past a small slime pit. Crawl off the conveyor into the slime and open the leftmost wall. You'll find some chaingun ammo.
  6. In the computer room near the top of the conveyor system, use the blue circuit box next to the leftmost cylinder. This will open both cylinders. Jumping up in the left cylinder will get you some healing atoms.
  7. After jumping into this darkened cave, go to the back and hop on the small ledge to get some items. Night vision goggles may be helpful here if you have trouble.
  8. In the small section of wall between the security monitor and the orange cylinder is a secret crawlspace. Inside find some ammo and scuba gear.
  9. Rock Wall part 1: Blow this wall away to find a small cave and an alien.
  10. Rock Wall part 2: Blow this wall of the small cave to find a healing atom and enlarge the cave.
  11. Rock Wall part 3: Blow this last wall of the cave to open a shortcut back to the sub area.
  12. This secret is practically impossible to reach without a jetpack. A weak spot in the wall here can be destroyed to reveal an alien and a teleporter. Use the teleporter to beam to a small room with some aliens and RPG ammo. Instead of using the teleporter, you could simply fly up the waterfall which exits this secret area.
  13. This secret is also difficult to reach without a jetpack. Blow away the fan hear to reveal a small area containing a healing atom.
  14. Hug the left wall during the rapids area of the sewer. You should catch on a small outcropping in the wall. Blow open the wall to reveal some aliens, some ammo, and the secret switch to take you to level 6!

Episode 1: Level 5

Secret Areas (6 found out of 6 total)

  1. In this wall, just before you reach the fire pit area, there is secret door concealing some steroids.
  2. In the fire pit area, jump into the fire to be teleported to the locked room by the rope bridge. You'll find some healing atoms on a ledge. Stepping on that ledge causes some bad guys to teleport in.
  3. In that same room as secret #2, jump up to the ledge with the RPG ammo on it.
  4. After climbing up along the lava falls to the top, shoot the weak spot in the wall. It opens a long passage with a variety of ammo on the ground. The area near the far end of the passage is the actual secret.
  5. Pressing the switch at the top of the lava falls opens the passagway leading to this secret. Follow it to a cave with a large fire, some healing atoms, and a dancing girl! You can tell Duke likes what he sees. =)
  6. On the wall right outside the entrance to the spaceship, you'll find a secret door leading to a small plateau and a healing atom.

Episode 1: Level 6

Secret Areas (4 found out of 4 total)

  1. After obtaining the blue key in the room with the two force fields, go back to the room with the small slime pond. The grate in the bottom of the pond should now be open. Swim through to a small area containing various ammo and powerups.
  2. In the large pillared room, there is a fan in the ceiling above the ramp. You'll need a jetpack to reach the hidden items.
  3. In the control room near the large doors, a section of the wall opens to reveal armor.
  4. The comptuer monitors here open to reveal healing atoms.

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