Duke 3D Version 1.3D
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1.0 to 1.1 Patch File618 KB
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Version 1.1 Bug Fixes
Known Problem Workarounds
System Requirements
FAQ about game
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Version 1.1 Fixes
NOTE: Some copies of the v1.1 patch had a typo on the initial install screen. It said "..you must install this to your Terminal Velocity directory". This should have said Duke Nukem 3D (obviously). This will not affect the operation of the patch. It has been corrected; there are no other differences between the two versions.
Known Problems Workarounds

NexGen/586 CPU's
If you have a NexGen, you should first try going into your CMOS settings, and looking for a setting called Alternate Instructions. Make sure this is on. If this still doesn't work, visit their WWW site at
http://www.nexgen.com and download the Q87 Floating Point Emulator. This should get you going.

ATI Mach64 Video Cards & SVGA
If you have a Mach64 and v1.1 still does not work in SVGA modes, look in your c:\mach64 directory for a file called m64vbe.com. Use this before running Duke, and you should be OK. If you do not have this file, contact ATI for an upgrade. Mach64 owners should not use UNIVBE v5.1, they should use this m64vbe.com file.

Other Video Cards & SVGA
If you get lockups, blank screens, or other weirdness when trying to use SVGA modes, you need to use a VESA 2.0 compliant software driver. We recommend UNIVBE v5.1, which can be obtained at this World Wide Web site: http://www.scitechsoft.com.

System Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. OK, OK, these are answers, but I think you get the point. :)
  2. There is no Macintosh version of the game planned (at this time).
  3. There are also no other ports underway. We have been in discussions with a few people regarding ports of Duke Nukem 3D to other platforms. No info available at this time, though.
  4. The registered version will ship on CD-ROM only. There will be no disk based version.
  5. The price of the registered CD-ROM is $39.95..
  6. The registered CD will be available in about 8 weeks. It will appear in stores a couple of weeks after that, and overseas on shelves a few weeks after that. The fastest (and cheapest) way to get the game once released is direct from us. We are taking pre-orders now! If you order direct from us, we'll ship it to you as soon as humanly possible.
  7. The registered CD-ROM will come with registered versions of Duke Nukem I & II.
  8. Modem and Network play are in shareware.
  9. Limit of players in Modem/network is 4 for shareware. Full version supports 8.
  10. Yes, there is Co-Op play.
  11. The game requires 8 megs of memory. It will run better with more, since there's less swapping going on with more memory, and it'll go faster because of this.
  12. The game will run on less than the requirements listed in the requirements section, but with slowdowns, and feature removals (reduced screen size, less sounds, etc...). Whether this is playable or not will be up to you. Please don't write and say "Will the game run on 'insert system specs'?" It will run, but whether the reduced amount of features is acceptable is a question we can't answer. Only you can answer that.
  13. You cannot join games in progress. All players have to be there when the game starts. If you quit, you can't get back in.
  14. Shareware has have 5 levels and 1 secret level. Number of levels in registered is as of yet undetermined.
  15. There will be 6 weapons in shareware, and 9 in registered.
  16. The weapons in shareware are: Kick (your foot), pistol, shotgun, 3 barrel chaingun, rocket launcher, and pipe bombs.
  17. The weapons held out for registered are: Shrink Ray, Laser Gun, and a wall mounted laser trip bomb.
  18. No, it does not support any of the 3D video accelerator cards, like the "3D Blaster", etc..., nor are there any plans to add it.
  19. The DukeMatch RemoteRidicule uses the same RTS file format that Rise of the Triad did, soyou can use your favourite ROTT RTS files with Duke Nukem 3D!
  20. We will be putting our level editor (and graphics editor) on the registered CD-ROM. We respectfully request that you not make any addon programs that work with the shareware episode.
  21. There is no nudity in this game. There are some nicely dressed women, but no actual nudity. There will be parental controls in this game similar to what was in Rise of the Triad.
  22. There are SVGA modes in the game (up to 800x600. Anything beyond that is insane). We recommend a Pentium to use these modes. (A good one, with a triple digit processor number of like 133 or above :)
  23. VESA 2.0 compliance is required for SVGA modes. A software driver like UNIVBE is recommended for these modes if your card does not support it natively. UNIVBE also helps speed up framerate in the 320x200 mode!
  24. The keyboard layout can be reconfigured to anything you want.
  25. Yes, there are cheat codes. No there aren't any Dukematch cheat codes. I will be posting the cheat codes later, once the game has been out for awhile. I can't ruin all the fun, can I? :)
  26. Yes, you can fall off buildings and hurt or kill yourself (depending on how high up it is).
  27. You cannot see into or out of the water in the game, but you can go in and out of it. Frame rate would be next to zero if you could see in/out of the water.
  28. Duke Nukem does talk in the game, and you can turn that off if you want to.