Duke Match Stratagies

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  1. In level 1, go to the arcade and place a few pipe bombs on the elevator. When you hear the elevator go down, blow the crap out of him.

  2. In level 1, place pipe bombs in either of the secret apartments and wait in the other. When you see your opponent enter the room blow the crap out of him.

  3. Drop about 5 pipe bombs on a corner (works best on level 1 alleyway). Then turn on holoduke. When your opponent comes around the corner, be watching from the windows across the street. Boom!

  4. Leave lots of pipebombs in any small room and tell your opponent they can find you there.(hehe. what a mess.)

  5. In level 2, hop up on the ledge that is straight across from where the level starts (you can reach it by jumping on the vent shaft). Crouch behind the palm tree. Use any weapon except the RPG and they wil never know you're there.

  6. To see if an enemy is a holuduke, use the night vision goggles and look at it. It will be different shades of green if it's real, and one shade if its a holoduke. If it's a holoduke, throw a pipebomb and blast the real one.

  7. Shoot at things violently to try to wound an oponent and run around like a chicken with its head cut off in a fight.

  8. Get the holoduke in the level one arcade by using the Duke Nukem 2 game. Place it in the middle of the room and hide in a corner. When he comes in start shooting him. He'll never know you're there!

  9. Place pipe bombs in the street and follow your opponent around with the jetpack. When he comes near a bomb, blast it.

  10. Study a level, so that you know all the back doors to places. (Just a tip)

  11. In level 1, if your opponent knows about the secret apartment that is lit red, wait in there in the far corner opposite the couch when he comes in, blast him with the chain gun!

  12. Hide near a placed holoduke and when your opponent shoots at him, blow him away from another direction. If you don't use the RPG he will continue to think it is the holoduke hitting him.

  13. Place a few pipe bombs all around the back door to the cinema, then wait on the overhead bridge. When you hear the door open... BOOM!!

  14. In the porno shop of level two, get the secret behind the cigarette counter. Place several pipebombs all around the room, especially by the door. Then go in the little secret. When you hear the door open, blast him. He will die no matter where he is, and you'll be shielded by the little cubby hole you are hiding in.

  15. Another good idea is to go around and get to every one of the secrets before even looking for your opponet.

  16. Place one or two pipebombs in every room of a level. Wherever he is, well you know.

  17. In a game, place many holodukes. Get your opponet used to the idea of non-moving dukes. You will eventually be able to just stand there and not get hurt. Blast him!

  18. When you are chased by an opponent, round a corner and jetpack straight up while you are out of your opponent's line of sight. Drop a few pipe bombs as you go....

  19. In level 2, to get the key to go to the room where the dancers are,(go to the bar) and put about 3 pi-bombs in the little door where the key is, and close the door. Then hide under the T.V. When your opponent opens the door... BOOM!!!! Then you can hit ALT-F9.

  20. In level 1, go to the little apartment that is kind of red, then when your duke match comes out in sight blast some missles at him. If your duke match is in the apartment, go to the other secret place acrost from it. And find where the apartment is (windows), then shoot the RPG at the windows but your match might be hiding at the side of the apartment. If so, get the jetpack and get real close to the window and shoot over to both sides. Then youy really got your duke match!!!

  21. In level 2 get onto the ledge above the outside entrace to the nudy bar then tell your "friend" to come outside, when he comes running out the door blow the crap out of him from above.

  22. When in a vent shaft, and an opponent is below the end of the shaft, toss a pipe bomb and detonated it before it hits the floor, the explosion will confuse your opponent allowing you to throw more bombs or drop down and hammer 'em from ground level.

  23. In level 6, go into the room above and to the left of the missile... place a few pipebombs on the lift and watch in the view screen..when he lowers the lift, blow the hell out of him.

  24. In the first level, click on the cash register and look at the secret wall that opens up. Now use the jet pack (or press spacebar) to get up there. Then no one will see ya comin'! You can even close the door to hide and then when ya' hear em' just open up and bam!

  25. Place a pipe bomb (or 2 or 3...) around a very important item such as a jet pack. Hide in a corner or watch from a camera, and blast the s**t outta him when he's there.

  26. In level 3, there is a small lake with a submarine in it. Litter the bottom of the lake with pipe bombs, then write a message like: "Let's go for a swim" or "Come and get me" and run towards the lake. When he is in the water, get the hell outta there and hit the button.

  27. In the lobby of the movie theater, turn on the light by the cash register. Then open the secret door by opening the door to the room with the shotgun in it. Go across to the secret room and hit the switch in there. That turns off the lights in the snack bar. You can crouch and wait for your opponent there. Since the lights are on outside the snack bar, he can't see you in the dark. Use a holloduke outside to enhance the trick.

  28. In lev.1, go get some pie-bombs (on top of the garbage can by the lift door to the arcade)Then go to the door of the little room where the shotgun, pie-bombs, and camera is and if your Duke Match is in there, hit "Z"to neel down and put a pie-bomb under the door and blow the CRAP out of your Duke Match. Or you can do it from inside the little room. Just throw a pie-bomb under the door and BLOW!!!!!

  29. When in an area with lots of headroom, try jumping when getting fired at. I timed right, missiles will sail right underneath you and explode harmlessly somewhere behind. If you are good, time your jumping to land on the other guys head. He'll never find you!

  30. In level 1 by the elevator to the arcade where the trash can is that you jump on to get pipe bombs, throw a pipe bomb on the trash can. About every 5th pipebomb will fall behind it. When they fall behind they are invisible. Now go wait for him to restock his pipeboms heheheh... Booom

  31. Keep your caps lock on always

  32. The best time to use a holoduke is when the two of you are Duking it out through a doorway (dodging and firing)...drop a duke and come around to the side with a pipe bomb.

  33. In the video store on the second level, behind the counter up in the corner hideaway, crouch in their with an rpg (and full armour and health), when your opponent opens the door to retrieve the holoduke blast him with the rpg, even though you are right there, if you are crouching, oftentimes you will be unhurt, but will always survive.

  34. On level 2 where the lock is in the bookstore. Drop a holoduke so it looks like your trying to get the code. Get the RPG in the other room, and when your friend comes...

  35. On the submarine level, go to the entrance to the submarine, but don't go in. Jump onto the sloped ledge and the onto the ledge with the machine gun towers ( All kindz a goodiez! ). Tell your opponent to meet you at the sub. When he opens the door to get to the sub entrance..BOMBS AWAY!!!

  36. When in level 2, go to the bar room and litter the bar area with pipe bombs. Then duck into the little cubby hole where the red key is and close the doors. Then tell your opponent to meet you at the bar. When he gets there, he's sure to run for the ammo. When he does...KABOOM!!!!!!

  37. In the first level if you have a jet pack and some pipe bombs fly on top of the cinema sign outside of the theatre and toss a few pipe bombs in every direction. If you see him come out of the theatre,out of the red apartment .........KABOOM!!!! (if he comes from anywhere else,don't worry you blend right in with the wall behind you and the sign below you)

  38. Mine an area with pipebombs, then set them off with an RPG. Your opponent will be too busy dodging the RPG to notice the mines.

  39. Level 1: In the red bachelor pad secret. Crouch on the left window ledge so you are facing the frame of the window. If you get at the right angle and go forward, you'll magically end up in the arcade.

  40. Level 2: put a holoduke and a pipe-bomb in the elevator. Let it go up and blow it. If your opponent is dumb enough. He'll shoot a missle and hurt himself and the bomb will finish him off.

  41. In the Launch Facility, go to the control room to open the big doors, close the door and wait. When you opponent comes blast him with an RPG (Splat!).

  42. Level 1: Wait in the projection booth, with the movie playing and the hole already blown in the screen. When your opponent approaches the screen, shell the crap out of him.

  43. In the bathroom in level #1. Place a pipe bomb in each bathroom stall. Then, MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE THE DOORS! Then, at the side wall....Blow up one of the 2 toilets....Then, Fluch the other toilet, and quickly shot it after....Once your done that, jump into the vent and then hit "Z" to crouch down, and watch your opponet come into the bathroom, If he opens the stall doors...BOOM, if he doesn't he'll still be close enought to damage him....

  44. Put a holo duke on the lift going from the arcade with a grenade under it, send the lift up or down, when you hear a rocket explode, turn off the holoduke. Your enemy will think you died if he doesn't watch the messages, and you'll be free to jump down and shoot him, or if he uses the lift he's in for an even bigger surprise! ( this works best while standing in the arcade. :)

  45. In the first level, crouch in the red area by the exit, where the shot gun is, from there, you can see the 50% health, and keep an eye out for your enemy going in or out of the theater and on a bit of the street, since it is so dark your enemy can't see you. and once he knows of that hiding place, you can always just place a holoduke there to fool him, and hide over by the garbage can on fire. :)

  46. Level 2: put a holoduke if front of the buttons to open the door in the library. duck beind the counter and when someone shoots the holo, pop up and blast him w/ a missle!

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