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D/C/S = D=Dukematch, C=Cooperative, S=Single Player
All files do not exceed 80k

Name: Date: Author's Notes: Author(s): D/C/S Download!
DUKE VS. THE VOLCANO 5/28/96 Duke is stranded on a remote island where the aliens plan on constructing a new base. Lots of secrets (try to find them all!!), bad guys and cool rooms. Georg Buol S island10.zip
EVIL DUKE 5/28/96 after beating bad ass (last boss) you are informed of one more ship comming towards earth. on the ship is a duke nukem clone (the other player) ready to kill you and discredit your name.your mission to destroy everything and every one. NIHIL S,D nihl01.zip
Dweller ][ Duke 5/27/96 Well, this is my first Duke3d MAP so I thought I would start out converting a killer Doom2 DeathMatch WAD called Dweller2. This is not because I am not original. It was to learn the Editor and try different things with a PROVEN level, and then move on to original work. I recommend between 3 and 6 players for this level. Enjoy! Jay D dwl2duke.zip
LeveL One 5/27/96 This is perhaps the best damned Doom2 level1 since the original :) very, very, very many kool changes for Deathmatchin'... DEATHTOLL.MID SHOULD BE PLACED IN THE DUKE3D DIRECTORY... IT IS THE ORIGINAL DOOM2 LEVEL1 MUSIC! WOO HOO! Locust D level1.zip
SPAZE BALLZ 9! 5/27/96 this is basicly a space version of ledges for Doom2.. it is ment for more then 2 player dukematch. This is devmap8 without the water and a few new things added. Nic Linley (Seither) D devmap9.zip
SE7EN 5/27/96 This is my first try at a level. I made it for the kidz at TEN for multiplay, should be high paced with lotz of fragz with any amount of players. The Chef S,D,C seven04.zip
Full Movie Map 5/26/96 Duke3d level 1 untouched, but we added the newest weapons for Duke Registered. Use strategy with the trip bombs and enjoy all of the guns offered in full version. Doug Carr and James Van Horn S,D,C fulmovie.zip
The Warehouse 5/26/96 Warehouse setting. You may go inside, outside, and on top of building. Still working, but let me know if you like what I have so far. William Daly D warehs12.zip
The Hole 5/26/96 Smallish DukeMatch level with a center of attention for modem play. Limited choice of weapons to hone your aiming skills. Marc Gallagher D thehole.zip
Demolish 5/26/96 This is the map I basically used to learn how to use Build. Therefore, it is not designed nearly as well as I would like it to be. However I think it still has potential and may also other people some examples on how to use Build. Kevin Schleicher (Crazy) S,D demolish.zip
Wolf 5/26/96 Duke Nukem Dukematch Level 2-8 Players Fast Compact Level with all weapons and a few secrets, includes trams and a very nice carpet! Wolfen D wolf.zip
Nail 5/25/96 A large strange building with many secrets and motiffs. Nailhead S,D nail.zip
Nailed 5/25/96 A building packed with secrets, bad guys, stuff to blow up, Subways, a conveyor belt and more! Single Player Only. Nailhead S nailed.zip
ZP 5/25/96 An all out multiplayer level. Big and very suitable for 4-6 players. Many hidingplaces and other fun stuff. Patrik Persson (Z-Trobe) D zp.zip
Lerock10 5/25/96 Based off of a dance club in Cancun, MX, Le Rock is set in a downtown part of LA where the club scene is hyped. You begin in the back streets of the club area, and can explore some of the setting which includes an opening into a desert area known as the Lizard Pit, and then into another building which at one point served as hotel lobby with a little pond filled with "fish". Martin Kozicki S,D lerock10.zip
Mymap 5/25/96 Just a level I made up so other people could enjoy it....:) Extremist S mymap.zip
D3Drill 5/25/96 Just another Doom, Duke, Quake junkie. :) David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER) S,D d3drill.zip
Panic 5/25/96 none Brandon A Kraft D panic.zip
Geo1 5/25/96 Has no real theme, but some interesting rooms. Georg Buol S,D,C geo1.zip
Assault 5/22/96 Fun with four, Chaos with more. Ron Lubarsky D assault.zip
Checkerboard5/22/96 Just what is says, a whole level in chekerboard. Huge map lots of guns great for Duke Match up to 5 players Chris Martin D chekrbrd.zip
Martin 5/22/96 My first try its ok average size 6 rooms. some monsters lots of guns. Good for Duke Match Chris Martin D martin.zip
Sluts 5/22/96 Its a night club with a bar and a back room that looks really cool.. Kinda small not to bad though great for duke match upto 5 players. Chris Martin D sluts.zip
-RoBot-CiTY- 5/18/96 This map is for Death Match and Single Player Mode. Both are just as fun. This level is hmmm... not really complex but it does have alot of fun stuff that i have learned. DarK-Elf D robot.zip
Pyramid 5/18/96 Nothing really exciting, but a couple of cool rooms. DeeP_IV D pyramid.zip
The Mangler 5/18/96 Best with 4 or more people, but still: cool with 2-3. Squish... Airwolf D mangler.zip
Mancer01 5/18/96 This level is very fast paced. Two players never really slows down but at times it will.. I think I'm gonna recommend 2 - 4 players. No more than 4 or the level will become a total war zone! Cole Savage ( MaNCeR ) D mancer01.zip
Lunar1 5/18/96 no description. Joseph Anyhony S,D lunar1.zip
Harm1 5/18/96 a custom user.con file is included and SHOULD BE USED WITH THIS LEVEL. Rename your current user.con file to user.old, and THEN rename harm1.con to user.con. Brian Vannatta D harm1.zip
Flanor 5/18/96 There's no theme behind this map. I just added some rooms together, and that's it. The map is sort of designed for DukeMatch, but you can also play single-player or co-op. Cho Yan Wong aka Tempest D flanor.zip
Doomed 5/18/96 E1M1 from DOOM... with some really kool changes for Deathmatchin' ŠUKE D doomed.zip
D3darena 5/18/96 Basically, its rooms ranging around a central arena, with a few ledges jutting into the main area...the layout provides some room to fight in, some hallways and nooks for ambushes and chases, and the ledges provide quick access to the main area (be prepared to lose up to 15 life when you leap, though). ? D d3darena.zip
DukeMatch Arena 5/18/96 I's a major subway system. Anyway this level is built for 8 player dukematch where people rush for weapons and start with them. Stay alive.. it's like Stadium on steroids. Cranium (Nick Vlku) D arena.zip
Airmobil 5/18/96 Cool board with neat effects! Great for Dukematch! ? D airmobil.zip
2Story 5/18/96 Some sort of weird building in space. The building consists of 2 floors. Pretty small, great for DukeMatch. Cho Yan Wong (Tempest) D 2story.zip
Doom Nukem 5/18/96 Doom Nukem for Duke 3D is a converted Doom E1M1 to the Duke 3D environment. Scott Mcnutt D doomnukm.zip
DukeMatch One 5/10/96 Fast DukeMatch plays well in Spawn or No Spawn modes. Underwater area. Hidden goodies. Has monsters and is very challenging in solo mode, but has no exit or final goal. Randy Pitchford aka DuvalMagic D,C,S dmduke1.zip
Hockey 5/11/96 Play on a Hockey field! No monsters, cheerleaders, small, and is hard to see around. ? D hockey.zip
Train 5/12/96 A small level, no monsters. Ride a train! ChaosD train.zip
ross1b5 5/12/96 small, your in a solid brick room with tons of stairs. ? ross1b5.zip
corprate 5/12/96 another small board. A lot of weapons! Dark Soldier D corprate.zip
dhouse 5/12/96 Fun! you play inside a house! Underwater ghetto from the backyard to inside the bathtub! dave and bvark D dhouse.zip
city 5/12/96 Fun! Play in a neigborhood! But don't touch the streets!! Toadie city.zip

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