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Andrew's Homepage!
Andrew's Homepage!
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The Red Button!
This red button contains my cool link of the week! Each week I update this to a new site so check back often and check out my cool link!
Leaf's Homepage!

This is my own leafs page with Leaf's information, and cool links that keep this page quite popular! Way to go Gartner! You are now the fastest skater in the NHL and the President of the NHLPA!

My NEW Guestbook!

I've started up a guestbook for this page! Now you can leave comments and opinions here! Or you can see what other people have said in my guestbook!

Thought Stumpers
Check out how you match up to some of the most difficult problems around! Or take a look at some of the Great Thinkers of our Time with a list of all the people that have succesfully solved some of these problems!

Arkansas Residency Form
Want to apply for an Arkansas Residency Form? Go here to apply for a certificate designating you as an Arkansas Resident! All you need is an E-Mail address and to know who you are and you too can be an Arkansas Resident!

Super Blonde Jokes!
Run out of Blonde Jokes to tell your friends! Well refresh your memory here with some ones I am sure you have not heard of and a couple of very common ones! If there are any jokes you think should be added to this page please put them in the Suggestions part of my Suggestions Form!
Favourite Links!
My favourite links with Sports Links, Music Links, Newspapers, Computer Games, and other things that interest me! IT'S UP AND RUNNING!! TAKE A LOOK!

Board & Ski Links

This page has links for all those people that love to carve those curves in the fresh powder snow. Add your page here in the Suggestions part of the Suggestions Form!

Cheats, hints, links and other stuff about Interplay's cool game Descent!
Duke 3D
3D Realms cool new game Duke Nukem 3D is another Doom clone, but this time it out does Doom with spectacular graphics, super realism and many other new features!

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